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Train to be a Domestic Gas Engineer with Train4TradeSkills

If you are thinking about learning a trade and gaining a valuable 'life-skill', making the threat of redundancy less of a worry, then studying to become a Domestic Gas Engineer might be a good option. The course program gives you a range of skills that will start your journey on an interesting and rewarding career path.

At Train4TradeSkills, we can offer you a blended-learning Domestic Gas Engineer course which allows you to cope with your existing work and family commitments whilst you work towards industry-recognised qualifications. And as you don't have to give up your day job, you continue to 'earn while you learn'.

The Gas Engineer Course uses many of the successful tried and tested study techniques we've honed and perfected over the years in our plumbing courses and electrician courses.

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Train4TradeSkills are the only UK based online training provider of Gas Engineer courses that combine
three unique ways to learn:

  1. Self-paced home study coursework with full support and feedback
  2. PC based e-learning, studying real life scenarios in a virtual reality house with award winning software, and
  3. Practical study, in fully equipped workshops.

This is NOT a fast-track way to become a Domestic Gas Engineer or an apprenticeship. It's an extremely thorough and effective way of helping you learn and retain the information necessary to become a fully qualified Domestic Gas Engineer. You do not need any previous experience or knowledge, to take up the course, just the willingness to learn a new skill and the determination to apply yourself to the course material.

The advantages of studying the Gas Engineer course with Train4TradeSkills

Screenshto from E-learning program
  • We provide students with a three-way blended learning method, that consists of using video, TV and computer screens, so it's fun and engaging and it's easier to retain what you have learnt
  • Train4TradeSkills offers the only Domestic Gas Engineer course available in the UK where you can apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills in a safe, PC-based 'real-life' virtual reality setting, to practise again and again
  • A series of carefully structured written assignments are combined with this latest PC based 'e-learning'.
  • You receive top class learning materials created by industry subject matter experts. Although you're studying at home, you're never on your own; you'll be supported by expert instructors, always available by telephone and email

The training you'll receive on our new Gas Engineer course has been specially designed using techniques developed over the last 50 years, to allow students to train according to their lifestyle and to fit their studies around their lifestyle, and 'earn while they learn'.

Photos of the Gas Engineer Course

Graham Small - qualified with Trade4TradeSkills as a Plumber
“I was made redundant but was able to secure new work.“
Attracted to plumbing partly by the shortage of properly qualified plumbers in his area and partly because he was looking for a change in direction and to be his own boss, former lorry driver Graham took the plunge and decided to enrol on a blended learning training course with Trade4TradeSkills. This allowed him to work around work and family commitments whilst completing his studies. Nevertheless, it was quite a departure.

“I had no previous experience of plumbing apart from doing odd jobs around the house but I decided to give it my best shot.“
Having finished his training, the decision Graham made turned out to be a good one. He was made redundant during the course but now as a qualified plumber, he’s already applying his new skills in full time employment as a plumber.

“I was made redundant just before completing the course but was able to secure new work as soon as I finished. I used that time to gain the experience I needed to set up on my own – that was the target and now I’ve achieved it“.

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The course is industry approved.

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